I’m a 50-something.  I enjoy life in a variety of ways and I’m easy going and not hard to please.  Writing is one of my favorite hobbies, and I enjoy writing about what’s going on in my world, which is mainly stuff about faith and life.  As far as faith goes, well, I am a Christian and have been since placing my faith in Christ in 1979.   I attended and was involved in Southern Baptist churches from the time I can remember, but about 3 years ago began attending a small church affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, of which I am now a member.  That was a result of geography as much as personal choice, though ironically, both of my parents came to Christ in a CMA church.  There are very few differences in theology, the basic difference is in local church governance, and in connection to the local district of the denomination.  There are not nearly as many Southern Baptist churches in Pennsylvania as there were in Texas, and with the weather here, involvement depends a lot on location.  I still consider my connections to Southern Baptists as strong, and am still a licensed and ordained Southern Baptist minister.

I’m realizing a lifelong career ambition in ministry, serving as head administrator of a small Christian school.

I love spending time with my wife, playing with my dog, and the excitement of the “Friday night lights” at a high school football game.  I grew up in the West, in Arizona, left in the early 80’s after college, and I’ve spent most of my years since then in Southeast Texas.  Now, I live in Western Pennsylvania, a big change from all of that, but looking forward to the time I spend here.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I like writing it.  You’ll find, I hope, that I’m not perfect, and well aware of that fact, that I don’t have all of the answers, I will respect your opinion even if I strongly disagree with it, I don’t like labels or “boxes,” and I don’t always line up with expectations.

You’re welcome to leave your comments, or if you’d prefer otherwise, to email me.



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  1. Paul Fries says:

    Lee, I saw your comments on Micah’s website. My wife’s family lived in Tucson from 74-81. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law graduated from Sahuaro High School in Tucson.


  2. lees1975 says:

    Greetings, best wishes and prayers to you in your new ministry in Wisconsin.

  3. Lee:

    What are you doing at present? Our church is looking for an “Executive Pastor” who will be responsible for Education and Administration.

    Check to see the church.

    Email me if this rings any bells.

  4. Benjie says:


    I noticed your comment on Kevin Bussey’s blog concerning SBC (and participation in such). I’ve been an IMB worker, and have mixed emotions about all that has gone on in recent years. At the same time, I’ve felt almost abandoned by them since we felt the Lord’s leadership to return to the ‘States (still have a strong bent toward missions, and many friends among former colleagues still serving and not). My wife and I will be attending the convention this year, mainly because we can leave the kids with my folks on the way, and we’ll get to see some of those friends and colleagues from the IMB because of this year’s emphasis on former CIS nations. Hope to see you there and hope that God can give you a reason to plug back in to the SBC (without compromising).

  5. David Currie says:

    Lee, I’ve never read your blog before, very impressed, please call me so we can visit, 325-659-4102


    David Currie
    Texas Baptists Committed

  6. David says:

    Hi Lee.

    Found you via Kevin’s blog. Though I live in Temple, TX now, Houston is my home town. I’m in my late 40’s, am also an alum (of sorts) of the UofH. I was glad to see the Coogs do so well and the drafting of Mr. Kolb into the NFL. I’m an avid ‘Stros fan and keep hoping the Texans will stop breaking my heart year after year!

    I’ve added you to my blogroll and will be back often.


  7. Justin Lui says:

    I found this through a friend after we talked about the infamous Baptist faith not being able to dance, and well, we both agreed with your statement that dancing and everything else is inherently sinful just what it may lead to if in the wrong hands.

    Although it probably is premature to say that I disagree with saying that I am just a “baptist” even though I am, I would rather say I am a reformist, which is somewhat contentious to say at my church. Our church is what I would call old school because the senior pastors don’t follow that line of thought even though the Scripture talks about the depravity of man, limited atonement, and the like…

    So how does your church (the people and its leaders) handle reformed theology since it seems like most theological seminaries don’t follow it?

  8. Lee says:

    We have a mix of people in our church of differing theological backgrounds. Some lean toward reformed theology, though I would say, by and large, the majority are less than three point Calvinists. That would describe me as well.

    What the scripture talks about is one thing, what it says is quite another. As you well know, there is quite a difference of opinion on what scripture writers actually did say about those issues, particularly unconditional election, limited atonement and irresistable grace. My own disagreement with reformed theology starts at limited atonement.

  9. AM says:

    Hi Lee,

    I’m a recently divorced woman who was married to the Baptist preacher’s son. Brilliant man — met him at Rice University. EVERYTHING was Baptist. Including the man he ran off with in the small Baptist church in our neighborhood. My ex was the song leader, his flame the pianist. Of course, nothing is going on, I was just the heathen not Baptist.

    Anyway, as if I am not masochist enough, I am now the cook for another Baptist church. I am again in the midst of people who are judgmental (like why can’t you get a full time job at the age of 47?) yet see so little correctable in themselves. And accusations laced with viciousness.

    So, I ask: what is it with Baptists that they are so mean? Seriously. I’ll probably be fired from there even though I am a superb cook and they know it, but I just don’t get it — the why of how they interact

    One look at a pictorial directory shows folks who look like they have been sucking on lemons for a lifetime.

    Marrying David was my mistake. But I still do not understand the mentality of Baptists and hope that Jesus is nothing like him.

  10. Lee says:

    I am so sorry that your experience with Baptist people has not been good. Unfortunately, like all other churches and church groups, we have individuals among us who wear our name, but do not reflect our values. Fortunately, neither the cause of Christ nor the image put forth by Baptist Christians depends on those people.

    I’ve had the experience of being part of Baptist congregations where the life and spirit had been snuffed out, and selfish ambition had taken over. I’ve served on the staff of a couple of those, and it isn’t fun. On the other hand, I have been in Baptist churches that are full of life, seek the heart of God, and strive to reflect Christ in all they do. It depends on the attitude of the leadership and the sense of mission and purpose with which they lead their congregation.

    The experience you had with your former husband is also not a reflection of Baptist values, or of the way Baptist practice their faith. His moral failure is his own responsibility, and if the church did not step up and support you afterward, shame on them.

    I’m sure that our church would appreciate the opportunity to minister to you.

  11. Lee –

    Long time, no write. Hey, I’m getting married this summer and then moving to Houston with my husband-to-be, Tony Grubaugh, sometime this summer. We are going to be doing multi-housing ministry there, and I will also be looking for an attorney position. All that to say … we’d love to hook up with you regarding ministry and career networking opportunities as we are headed into the area. Please e-mail me if you would:


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  13. Greg Hurst says:

    Hi Lee. Sent ya an email. Great blog.

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