I’ve just about come to the conclusion that I’m going to shut my facebook account down, and get off social media.  I’m on there mainly because it is a way to keep up with friends and family who don’t live close by, and I enjoy that kind of communication.  But this election is driving my decision.  I can eliminate most of the trash myself, stuff that comes from places that are identified as Rebel Nation, Anonymous, Patriot Journal, Federalist Papers, etc., by simply clicking the button that takes me off their list.  But when friends share these posts, you still see them cluttering up your screen.

Where do they get this stuff?  It seems that the more ridiculous the claim, the more people want to post and share it.  I saw one about a postal worker in Ohio who claimed to be destroying absentee ballots marked for Trump by the thousands, intimating that the orders came straight from President Obama.  If you gave that just a fleeting thought, you’d be able to figure out that one is false.  Under surveillance, and with the system for accounting for the mail that it in place, there would never be a time that one postal worker would ever be in a position to open all of the ballots to see which ones were for Trump, and which ones were for Clinton, put the Clinton ones back, seal the envelope so it looked untouched, and then shred all of the Trump ballots and get rid of the evidence without being seen.  You’d have to assume that there are no postal workers who are either Republicans or Trump supporters.  And there would have to be absentee ballots in the mail in order to be able to accomplish this task.  In Ohio, so far there’s early voting at polling places, but it’s just a tad early for absentee ballots to be mailed, in fact, about a week ahead of the deadline.  So if those thousands of people had actually sent those ballots in, they wouldn’t be counted anyway.

As it turns out, the guy who made the claim doesn’t work for the post office.  And he’s in California, not Ohio.

The idea that this election will be rigged at the ballot box, and that votes won’t be counted fairly, is coming from a Trump campaign that is seriously in trouble, and knows that it is.  That can’t be blamed on any circumstance other than the fact that Trump is a lousy campaigner, has not followed the advice of either his own political party, or his campaign advisors, about how to conduct and win a presidential campaign, and his flip flopping, back and forth, “tell people whatever they want to hear and whatever it takes to get their vote” approach to issues.  He’s free to claim that the media is biased against him and is doing whatever it can for Hillary, but he’s offered less than half a shred of proof for that claim.  Oh, yeah, many of his followers believe that, but that doesn’t make it a fact, it just makes them gullible.

The integrity and accuracy of the voting process in America is an easily verifiable fact.  Sure, there are incidents of voter fraud, and of course when there is one, it gets a whole lot of attention.  It should.  But those few incidents have involved people on all sides of the political spectrum, Republicans as well as Democrats, and the one clear fact about all of them is that the odds of their occurring is roughly equal to your chance of getting struck by lightning.  You can look that up by the way, there’s plenty of evidence to support that statement.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the media is biased, and whether they have the ability to “rig” an election.  Clearly they have an influence.  Disreputable sites that are nothing more than rumor mongering, like Patriot Journal or Rebel Nation, have a lot of followers who implicitly believe everything they say, and that is media manipulation by definition.  They don’t even make a pretense out of twisting the truth, they simply ignore it, and tell as big a lie as they think they can get people to believe.  We’ve failed to teach successive generations how to check the facts for themselves, so the media gets a whole lot more influence than it should have.  But even though its not something that Americans seem prone to do these days, the facts can always be checked.  Most of the major networks realize that.  Most of these fly by night social media sites don’t care about the facts, and are far more interested in whether or not they can get gullible people to spread rumors in order to reap the benefit.

If Donald Trump loses this election it will be because he could not convince enough American voters that he could be trusted, or has integrity, or possesses the personal capability to be the President of the United States.  Personally, I would have to violate every Christian-based, Biblical, moral principle and value I hold to cast a ballot for him, and I know a lot of Christians who have also decided that a very uncertain and indecisive political outcome is not worth the sacrifice of integrity that it would take to support his election to the nation’s highest office.  Clinging to the argument about who he would support to the Supreme Court doesn’t justify that compromise, because he is such a liar, and is so prone to saying what he thinks people want to hear in order to be elected, that there can’t be any confidence in any justice he would appoint, especially when it comes to the kinds of issues and integrity that most Christians think are requirements.  He’s been an ardent, lifelong supporter of abortion on demand, and of same-gender marriage, that is who he is, and his justice appointments will be people who support his position on eliminating the tax obligations of the wealthy.

If you want to resort to the argument of “the lesser of two evils,” you’re selling out as well, regardless of which side you are supporting.  There is no such thing as a degree of evil.  If you would have to abandon your moral values and convictions to vote for Hillary Clinton, then voting for Trump represents exactly the same kind of abandonment of them.  The lesser of two evils is a myth, as much as voter fraud is a myth, or that Trump is pro-life is a  myth.


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