Of course, I’m thankful for my wife, my job which is also my ministry, my family.  I’m thankful for my health, which, though not great, is still manageable.  I’m going on two years cancer free, and that’s a blessing.  I’m thankful for my Gracie, my beautiful dog, who is a wonderful companion.

I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head, and plenty of food to eat.  And I’m thankful that this past week, my awareness of the needs of other people, not just for material things that I take for granted, but for the simple acknowledgement from me of their existence, was increased.  I’m thankful that opportunities have come up which have allowed me to put into practice my new awareness.

I’m thankful that, in the movement of human history, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been put in a place where I don’t have to make a run into a strange country to preserve my life, and be safe, risking the safety and security of family members in order to pursue a distant, almost impossible dream of freedom.

On this Thanksgiving Day, when we have so much for which to be grateful, I won’t abandon either my gratitude, or my principles and values, in the face of fear.


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I'm 56, happily married for 25 years, B.A., M.A., career educator with experience in education as a teacher and administrator, native Arizonan living in Pennsylvania, working on a PhD and a big fan of the Arizona Wildcats, mainly in football and basketball.

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