As the head administrator of a small school, 216 students and about 35 employees, Friday’s news hit me hard.  There have been many times when, either through my mind, or walking around our building, I have an eye out for safety.  I cannot imagine what the students and staff at Sandy Hook were going through during those moments when what they thought was one of the safest places in their life was invaded and, in a relatively short period of time, forever changed by the death of 26 students and staff members.

We are a Christian school, and so, even without prompting, even without reminder, we prayed for the families of the students and teachers in Connecticut.  Before the day was out, we had students asking if there was anything else they could do.  And I expect that, if there is a need to do more, we will have students and families who will help.  But what we will be asked to do is to help each other cope with the news we have heard, and prepare ourselves to be able to come to school each day, and continue to move forward, after having been reminded that things we take for granted are not as certain as we thought they were, and are not guaranteed.

We will lock our doors, and we will run practice drills to deal with a situation that we hope we will never have to deal with, but which we understand could be the reality of any day or hour.  It is unfortunate that each succeeding similar tragedy helps us develop better security procedures to deal with the possibilities.  We have a plan in place that we hope we will never have to use, and it is a better plan today than it was on Friday.

It is an indictment of our society, our culture, our nation, and our Christian heritage, that we could not prevent twenty children from being senselessly gunned down in their classroom.  That’s  a discussion for a later time.


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