There were some great matchups yesterday.  The patsiecake season is over, conference play has started, and the first Saturday of October put out some great stuff.  Unfortunately, my Arizona Wildcats couldn’t hang on to their lead at Stanford, but taking the Cardinal into overtime on their home field wasn’t part of the game plan for Rich Rodruguez’ first season in Tucson.  At 3-3, they’re still above expectations.  But there was some other excitement.

West Virginia took down Texas in Austin.  Now I have to admit, anytime Mack Brown’s teams get beat makes it a good Saturday for me, but it was especially fun to watch my Dad’s alma mater, and a team from just an hour down the road from my house, and in the “East” to boot, knock the Longhorns off on their home field.  Even though it wasn’t an upset, since WVU was ranked 8th, three spots above the Horns, I don’t think they were expecting a former Big East opponent to bring their A game and win.

Most of the rest of Saturday’s outcomes went well, from my perspective, making it a great birthday for me.  Notre Dame walked all over Miami at Soldier Field in Chicago.  It must have been just a bit chilly for the ‘Canes.  North Carolina State–yes, the Wolfpack does have a football program–took down highly over-rated Florida State late in the game.  Ohio State is making a good case for a run at the BCS again with a big offensive performance against Nebraska.  Considering what is down the road, barely pulling out a three point win at Ole Miss doesn’t leave Texas A&M with heart-warming prospects for what is coming down the road.  It was disappointing to see Northwestern lose at Penn State, though the Nittany Lions seem to be pulling themselves up by the bootstraps.  Northwestern could conceivably finish with nine wins, and a nice bowl game.  And though I don’t really care much about Florida, it was nice to see them take down LSU.  Combined with South Carolina’s win over Georgia,  it was a good day in the SEC.

So, as the rankings come out today, there are still several teams that are over-rated, and some teams that deserve to be a little higher up the ladder than they are.  The under-ranked teams are Oregon State, Boise State, Rutgers, and Cincinnati.  Over-rated big time are Florida State and Georgia, followed by Texas A&M, Texas, Clemson, Georgia and LSU.


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