Yeah, well, in spite of all that is transpiring to change the paradigms in college football, this season will  bring some great bowl matchups.  And its not just the BCS bowls that will provide a lot of excitement and entertainment.  Here are a few that I will definitely be watching, ranked in order of how great I think the matchup will be.

1.  Fiesta Bowl, Glendale Arizona.  Stanford vs. Oklahoma State.

Two 11-1 teams, both highly ranked (3 and 4), and evenly matched.  This one will be quite entertaining, with Stanford and a high powered offense against Oklahoma State with a similar high powered offense.  Predicting the outcome of this one won’t be easy.  OSU was rooked by the BCS out of the national title game with LSU and are probably mad and want to prove something.  This is the best Stanford team on the field in a generation, and they will want to finish ahead of Oregon.

2.  Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California  Oregon vs. Wisconsin.

This will be a classic matchup between Pac-12 and Big-10 foes.  Both teams seem to be at their peak, and LSU and Alabama are probably really glad they didn’t wind up in a bowl with either of them.  This will be another knock down, drag out affair.

3.  Alamo Bowl, San Antonio, Texas  Baylor vs. Washington

The matchup that features the Heisman winner will be a dandy.  Baylor is playing close to home, and ought to own the house.  Motivated to get to 10 wins, I’ll go with the Bears by 21.  Washington can’t stop RG3.

4.  TicketCity Bowl, Dallas, Texas  Houston vs. Penn State

The college powerhouse from our old home of Houston versus the college powerhouse of Pennsylvania, our new home.  It may not be an attractive matchup for some, but I’ll be watching with interest.  I expect UH to pull off a surprise.

5.  Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida  West Virginia vs. Clemson

This will be an evenly matched game as well, and a good chance for the Mountaineers and Dana Holgerson to showcase their stuff as an up and coming team, wherever they wind up playing.  WVU 35, Clemson 14.

And the bowls that are real stinkers…

The Gator Bowl features Ohio State and Florida, both 6-6, and who really cares?  Other than being an excuse for people from Ohio to travel to Florida in the winter, the question is, who is really interested in this game? The Arizona State-Boise State matchup in the Las Vegas Bowl is the result of ridiculous manipulation in the BCS.  Boise lost one game, smacked down an SEC opponent, and had to go somewhere.  Las Vegas?  Really? And against a 6-6 Arizona State team that they will smoke and throw in the trash?  I’ll be watching reruns on TV land instead.

And of course, I’ll boycott the big stinker rematch between LSU and Alabama.  It’s too bad they both can’t lose, but there is some consolation in that at least one of them will be beaten.  Maybe an Alabama win will cause the coaches poll to give the top ranking to either Stanford or Oklahoma State so there will be a split mythical national champion.  One can only hope.


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