I have the utmost respect for Dr. McKissic, and he’s right on target in this blog.


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  1. Colby says:

    I’ve been to Dr. McKissic’s church on a couple of different occasions. Great service.

    I think he is right on target, but it will take more than his voice, or even the combined voices of all of the African American pastors and churches in the SBC to bring about change. The political polarization runs too deep, and those who have fallen victim to the belief that conservative political social issues are the defining matter of Christian salvation are too narrow minded to ever accept anything but complete accomodation to their own thinking. Ronald Reagan probably never knew it, but his willingness to turn Christian social issues into purely political footballs may have hastened the demise of the SBC. The political one-sidedness of its leadership is a gigantic obstacle to their ability to win the right to be heard among a significant percentage of the population.