GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina has gained ground in polls and among early voters, and has apparently increased her fund raising efforts in her bid to upset Governor Rick Perry and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the state GOP primary next month.  After enduring a rather unusual line of questioning from radio disc jockey Glenn Beck, including a question as to whether she was a “9-11 Truther,” which many of her supporters believe was a calculated attack designed to derail her campaign and help Perry, Beck hung up on Medina, and then ridiculed her response to his listening audience.  Beck alluded to the fact that her answer, which didn’t exactly amount to the conclusion he tried to draw, was almost a certain path back to 4% in the polls.  Medina was polling at about 16% in most polls at the time, but more recent polls, taken since early voting has begun, puts her at about 20%, including among those who are voting early. 

Apparently, contributions to the Medina campaign have soared since the publicity she received on Beck’s program.  Many of her supporters, and others in the Texas “Tea Party” movement with which she claims affinity, were angered by Beck’s perceived attack, which they saw as a deliberate attempt on his part to sway the momentum back to Perry, who is favored by corporate interests and lobbyists of Beck’s ilk.  She’s increased a series of savvy television and radio ads which, while they mention both Perry and Hutchinson and reasons why neither deserves GOP support, appear designed to put her in a position to gain on, and possibly pass Hutchinson. 

Any gains by Medina could prove difficult for Perry, who needs 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff, and who doesn’t appear to be closing in on that number with early voters.  Perhaps Medina supporters can hope for another attempted intervention by Glenn Beck to boost her support just prior to the primary. 

She’s already got my vote.


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  1. K Gray says:

    I can’t find the recent polls, what are they? Everything I see is from early Feb., before the Beck show comments, and they all show Perry with nearly a 2 to 1 lead over Hutchison and Medina.

    • Lee says:

      Rasmussen has this statement from yesterday:

      “Early voting has already begun in the primary which wraps up on Tuesday. Turnout is often difficult to project for primaries, but among those who say they have already voted, Perry has earned 46% support, while Hutchison and Medina have picked up 28% and 23% respectively. ”

      At the beginning of the week, Perry had 49% of the early vote and Hutchinson 24%, Medina 20%.

  2. K Gray says:

    Thanks. Rasmussen says she still polls at 16%, maybe others have her higher. I looked at her website, she is anti-immigration, pro-gun, repeal the property tax, lower business margin tax, keep government small, restore state sovereignty.

    • Colby Evans says:

      That’s the Rasmussen poll itself. I think either they, or the combo of Dallas Morning News-Houston Chronicle have done an update among early voters, where she is, according to the exit surveys, running between 20 and 24%. Early voting in Texas has been a pretty close indicator of how the vote will come out in the end in recent years, much closer than a poll like Rasmussen, which missed the Presidential election by more than the margin of error. If that’s the case, and there’s a runoff between Perry and Hutchinson, the Democrats will win the governor’s mansion. I don’t think either one will survive the barrage of political ads that will be unleashed. They’re handing White his campaign on a silver platter.