November 3rd is election day.  It is an off year for Congress and state offices, which means that the turnout will be low.  But you need to pay attention to what is going on.  The state wants to tax your property.

It looks like there are a couple of proposals among the constitutional amendment propositions to allow the state to tax residential property.  It’s good to become familiar with all of the propositions, and make sure you get to the polls to vote on all of them.  On the proposals to create a state based property tax, I will be voting a resounding NO! 

There’s a lot of talk around Austin about budget cuts, but not much action in that regard, though that would be the way to go.  Slipping this into a list of propositions during an off year election is kind of like having your cake and eating it too.  If it passes, in a low turnout, the current administration can avoid being criticized for raising taxes, saying that the voters did it themselves. 

In Texas, a state with no personal income tax, revenue comes from sales tax, fees collected for services, and corporate taxes.  The previous administration, in order to lower the corporate tax rate, cut the budget.  The result was that other taxing entities, such as counties and school districts, had to raise property taxes to make up the difference while the politicians could lay claim to cutting taxes, though private citizens did not receive any relief or benefit from the tax cut.  Local appraisal districts also inflated property values and then vetoed appeals wholesale.  Now the state wants to add an ad valorem tax to private property to raise revenue.  I have a suggestion related to that proposal.

Just say “NO!”


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