Specifically, what lies are being told, and what would be the TBC response to them on behalf of the BGCT?


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  1. Ken Coffee says:

    Lee, I don’t know what the referenced blog was talking about, but I can tell you some lies that are being told. Churches are being told the BGCT promotes homosexuality, or at least condones it. Churches are being told that the BGCT promotes women as pastors. Churches are being told that the BGCT witholds Lottie Moon money. All of these, in one form or another, are being used against the BGCT and all of them are lies. I’m sure there are other things, also.

  2. rick davis says:

    I get contacts from SBTC frequently. They do a fine job of making low key contacts, keeping in touch and staying on message.

    The BGCT does none of the above. Churches are leaving for other reasons than the one Ken mentions and one of those reasons is the work of the “watchdog” organization Lee questioned in the first place. If you have to check with TBC on BGCT matters, you have to take all the TBC stands into account. Game over.

    The BGCT needs to be able to make a case for itself, not dependent on a dying para-church organization that says it cannot pay its own bills any more.

    A mentor once does not mean a mentor forever. It is time to give TBC its life-time achievement award and put another team in the field.

  3. Lee says:

    The SBTC did make an approach to our church several years ago, before I arrived, but only through a connection that already existed. Our leadership heard from one of their staff members this past spring, who was here visiting with another church, and in the literature he distributed, and the conversation he initiated, he never said a bad word about the BGCT. He never said they promoted homosexuality, nor did he say they promoted women pastors. Lottie Moon wasn’t mentioned.

    He did point out that the SBTC has adopted the BFM 2000, and that the BGCT generally supports the 1963 document. He noted the differences that have been controversial, and was unapologetic in pointing out that the SBCT stands firm on those points, though that is not the primary reason for their existence. He also clearly explained the relationship between the various entities related to the BGCT and to the SBTC, pointed out that the SBTC was not connected to the colleges and universities associated with the BGCT, though they did have a “fraternal” relationship with HBU, and was working to build its own educational institution system. No criticism of the BGCT, and no false statement, was ever made.

  4. Chuck says:

    You’re more likely to see the President’s actual Health Care Reform Bill than any TBC documentation of lies being told to churches about the BGCT.