For those of us who are longsuffering fans of the Arizona Cardinals, and I’ve been one since the team first moved to my hometown, and for whom enthusiasm for the season usually died early, today was a day worth waiting for.  The improbable, almost impossible has occurred, and a team with origins in Chicago, and which many thought was almost as cursed as the Cubs, has done it.  It is delightful just to write the words, the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. 

That’s right.  The Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. 

I wish I was in Phoenix.


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I'm 56, happily married for 25 years, B.A., M.A., career educator with experience in education as a teacher and administrator, native Arizonan living in Pennsylvania, working on a PhD and a big fan of the Arizona Wildcats, mainly in football and basketball.

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  1. lewp says:

    Congrats to the Cardinals and especially Cardinal fans who have suffered through so many frustrating years at the hands of Bill Bidwell.