I had absolutely no idea that Frank Schaeffer, son of the Francis Schaeffer, author of the Christian Manifesto had come so far from his father’s views.  It has been a long time since I read anything written by Francis Schaeffer and had no idea that this was going on.



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  1. You should check out little Schaeffer’s book, Crazy for God. It’s really good. And I think it just came out in paperback.

  2. Ted says:

    Not only does he have the book but there has been an article in Christianity Today magazine. I do not know if any of his accusations are true or not, but he does seem to believe he can evaluate the motives of any with whom he disagrees and the tone seems to be no small degree of anger. I think that combination is dangerous turf for any of us.

  3. KGray says:

    He succeeds only in practicing exactly what he condemns, all in the same post.

    I wonder if he similarly stereotypes people who stayed at L’Abri?

  4. Lee says:

    Frankie has a vastly different view from his father, but it is very similar in its approach.

    I haven’t kept up with the Schaeffers in recent years, so this was quite a surprise. What kind of a following does the younger Schaeffer have?

  5. KGray says:

    From the reviews of “Crazy for God,” he appears to have many fans. Those who share Frankie’s disillusionment with traditional religion tend to view the book as searingly honest. The reviewers who actually knew the Schaeffers say that Frankie is perpetually angry and has created distorted caricatures of his parents, unrecognizable as the people they knew.

    The Huffpost piece is appalling.

  6. Lee says:

    I have seen dominionists here and there, sometimes in surprising places among evangelicals. Clearly, Schaeffer isn’t a fan of Palin. Personally, I have been disappointed in Palin’s willingness to join in the McCain campaign’s mudslinging and to repeat statements known to be false and misleading. I had hoped that, as a high profile evangelical, she would have avoided both that, and the smarmy, in your face kind of attitude. But it doesn’t seem that she represents what Schaeffer has written.