O.K, so I had a post up here about the VP debate, and it has suddenly disappeared.  I was writing a comment on my laptop, while laying in bed with my leg elevated (still have to do that from the surgery) and bumped or hit something.  Now, the post is gone.  I’ll find out how I can get it back. 

Sorry to those of you who were reading and commenting.


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  1. KGray says:

    Leg-elevation is not a fun pastime! I hope it is healing well.

    I’m pondering Biden’s answers on same-sex marriage, which make no sense. He said in an Obama administration “there will be absolutely no distinction from a constitutional standpoint or a legal standpoint between a same-sex and a heterosexual couple.” (They also call for repealing the Defense of Marriage Act signed under Clinton). But then Biden immediately said he and Obama don’t believe in redefining marriage “from a civil side.”


    Because that’s exactly what their Constitutional, legal position would seem to do.

  2. Lee says:

    The leg is much, MUCH better, I can now wear a real shoe and sock, no more gauze wrapped with an ace bandage since the scar has healed. Keeping it elevated while sitting or lying down will be a regular activity for several months to deal with the edema. I thought I was good at balancing the laptop but I bumped or hit something while moving to get comfortable, turned back to the screen and I had somehow deleted the whole post, along with some of the comments.

    The whole exchange on civil unions and gay rights baffled me. On the one hand, I hear Biden saying that he and Obama absolutely do not favor redefining marriage or opening the door to do that, but at the same time advocating for full rights for partners, and then Palin agreeing with that, while trying to get in that she doesn’t agree with re-defining marriage either. Even the moderator seemed to be a bit confused.

    I’ve seen a couple of emails and posts about some of the misrepresentations of McCain that Biden put out. Both Palin and Biden used specific votes with a bit of a spin. However, Palin missed some glorious opportunities to set the record straight because she was just apparently not very familiar with McCain’s voting record. Biden, however, jumped on every one of her misrepresentations and offered explanations. That is where I think he came out ahead, and was able to gain an advantage without attacking her directly.

  3. KGray says:

    McCain/Palin don’t support repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, and would not support “absolutely no distinction from a constitutional standpoint or a legal standpoint between a same sex and a heterosexual couple” as Biden said.

    But both of them support benefits for same sex partners.

    I wish Palin had spent time on Biden’s misrepresentations because they are audacious. If you say McCain voted “the exact same way” as Obama, but he didn’t vote at all, that’s wrong. If you say Republicans didn’t join McCain in opposing something, and every one of them did, that’s 100% wrong. If you insist it’s “simply not true about Barack Obama. He did not say sit down with Ahmadinejad,” and his website says “Diplomacy: Obama supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions”, as did Obama in the presidential debate, come on, that’s simply untrue.

    Others, like garbling the Constitition, Middle East countries and hometown restaurants, are just simple errors. But you can bet if Palin said ANY of the above there would be calls for her to withdraw.

  4. Lee says:

    Palin made plenty of errors on her own, at least as many as Biden did in this regard, and he called her on them. He made corrections in thirteen statements she made, all of them verifiable.

    I think this persecution complex that Republicans seem to have developed in their constant harping on the media being unfair is characteristic of their approach, particularly when they are having trouble getting traction because they have nothing to offer related to the issues. The fact of the matter is that “the media” includes a whole plethora of conservative commentators and pundits, many of whom are placed in prime radio time by conservatively biased station owners (Clear Channel comes to mind) and who constantly berate, lie, distort and broadcast right wing political propaganda. Palin made plenty of mistakes during the debate, at least as many of the same order as Biden did, yet the only calls for her to withdraw are coming from conservative commentators who have seen that she has some glaring deficiencies as a campaigner that are causing McCain some real problems. The claim that “the media is picking on her” just doesn’t hold water, in light of the virtiolic bile that spews out of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glen Beck, to name a few. Check the facts against what those guys say, and you’ll find enough lies to wallpaper every government building in Washington.

  5. Jack Matthews says:

    Check this out. Looks like they were both off the facts.


    I tend to agree that Palin not catching or pointing out much of what Biden got wrong makes her look bad, and his pointing out her errors and directing the debate back toward John McCain is probably why he was perceived to have won the debate. As to whether it changed any minds, well, Obama picked up two points in most of the polls, though I think that is probably more the result of the way the campaign is going than the result of the VP debate.

  6. KGray says:

    Lee is right, some big media is noticing both sides of the problem. Today’s Wall St. Journal says “[W]hat are we to make of Mr. Biden’s fantastic debate voyage last week when he made factual claims that would have got Mrs. Palin mocked from New York to Los Angeles?,” while the New York Times takes the other side in condemning Palin’s “disdain for knowledge.”

    I too feel that Biden handled the debate better than Palin, looking more savvy and knowledgable. But facts (truth) suffered in that debate. And that is not comforting.