The blog from the Baptist General Convention of Texas, We Are Texas Baptists, is reporting that the executive board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 30 will be webcast live.  You can simply click a link and have access to the board meeting. 

This sort of thing opens up all kinds of possibilities.  At some point, thought should be given to allowing questions and input from those who log on to watch.  An email address could be set up where those watching could ask questions, and at some point during the meeting, the questions could be presented and answered either directly or by email. 

Obviously, the technology is also available to provide live streaming of the convention meeting as well.  It can’t be that difficult to figure out how to allow messengers to be registered, watch from their computer screen, and even cast ballots.  As the registration and participation in the annual meeting continues to decline, on-line participation may just be the way to capture more interest and get more people involved. 

By the time you figure at least two tanks of gas, two nights in hotel at $100 or more a night, and meals at either convention center concession prices or at restaurants within walking distance, you’re looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 to attend the convention, depending on where you come from.  How many more people might participate if they could save that expense? It is worth thinking about.


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  1. spiritualsamurai says:


    I find it interesting that this is happening now. Some of us begged for this years ago and got the call center. It is good to see that someone at the building is listening and trying. However, whoever it is had better watch out though, such productivity could be dangerous to their job and future (just ask Rick Davis).

  2. Lee says:

    I don’t think we will ever see a convention, either BGCT or SBC, conducted with messengers watching and voting on line. The problem with that is the possibility that a large group of people would be able to participate, and the status quo might have trouble holding on to control.