The new administration of Dr.. Randel Everett has been saddled with an old problem.  The BGCT and the Baptist Standard are being sued over their actions in the Valleygate scandal, along with others, including David Montoya, the pastor and blogger who kept blowing the whistle and drawing attention to what was going on.

Montoya has insisted that the investigation did not go far enough, and that the BGCT should continue to pursue the issue with the FBI.  The BGCT left the investigation documents with FBI officials, but there has apparently been no action since then.  The lawsuit is certainly a setback in the process of moving on. 

Lawsuits are troubling when Christians are involved.  This really needs to be resolved, and our prayers need to be with those in the BGCT who are going to have to handle this, and with those involved, including David Montoya.


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