The absence of posting by me on my blog this past week has been due to the prayer request I mentioned previously.  I had some kind of infection set in around the achilles tendon in my left leg.  The pain was severe, the healing still hasn’t progressed, but last Friday I developed another complication–shortness of breath.  We had previously eliminated blood clot, due to tests but couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem.  I wear an implanted defibrillator, mainly to control an atrial arrythmia I got as a result of a virus 25 years ago, so when things didn’t improve by Saturday evening, we made another trip to the emergency room, this time at one of the Methodist Hospital-Houston branches near our house.  A CT scan showed a pulmonary embolism(blood clot) in the left lung, in the pulmonary vein. 

This was an unusual circumstance since the blood test to confirm a clot, which had been done twice by the time I went into the ER, was negative.  I also take coumadin, a blood thinnner to prevent clots, as a result of the arrythmia.  So we had both a serious condition and a mystery on our hands.  We needed prayer, put out the call to our church, my wife’s fellow employees at the Christian school where she works, people we know from mission trips and projects, anyone we could ask.  God went to work right away.

The small hospital in our suburb connected to the emergency room was full, and could not accomodate me.  As a result, I was to be transferred to the Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.  We were first told that there were no beds available there either, but within an hour, a room had opened up and I was on my way in an ambulance.  Methodist Hospital, for those who don’t know, is one of the top hospitals in the state, and ranks in the top ten in the nation.  As a result of being able to go there, the underlying cause of the unusual circumstances related to my body’s decision to form a clot instead of responding to the medication properly was discovered, and adjustments made in the medication to prevent further incidents.  I was able to come home this afternoon.  I am so grateful for the prayers of everyone who went to the Lord on my behalf. 

The tendonitis still needs prayer, though I now have a couple of orthopedic boots to wear and will be doing physical therapy three days a week until it is healed.


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  1. Wow Lee, I had no idea. I’m so sorry.