This link goes to one of three recent articles in the Baptist Standard regarding blogging Baptists.  I appreciate the remarks made by both David Gushee, and one of my old (well, past) professors from Southwestern, Dr. Bill Tillman. 

The claim is made that journalistic standards and Biblical guidelines are often thrown out the window with regard to blogging.  In some cases, that is so.  But there are other cases where bloggers make every effort to keep their words within the boundaries of both Christian standards of behavior and journalism.  In most cases, blogs are editorials, and should be approached that way.  It should be easy enough to tell from the writer’s own style and presentation. 

I believe Christian bloggers should govern themselves by Biblical principles.  It is o.k. to disagree, even passionately, but there are clearly some things that are out of line and in a battle of words, whether they are verbal or typed on a keyboard, the possibility of escalation into name calling and personal attacks, human nature sort of stuff, always exists.  The nice thing about a blog is that you can do a whole lot of editing before you hit the “publish” button, and even then, you can go back and edit. 

There’s even a blog out there called Agree to Disagree Agreeably, or something like that.  That’s good advice. 

Kindness, gentleness, respect, these are all good words to live by.  As a Christian, I use the Bible, and in particular the New Testament, as a guide for my faith in all areas of my life.  Blogging should not be an exception to that.  And I hope, now that I’ve put this down here, that everything else on this site that can be accessed and read can be judged and found to be consistent with that claim. 





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  1. Well, I enjoyed being interviewed for two of the three articles. I get the feeling that the Baylor prof quoted in the Hall piece hasn’t followed the Baptist Blogosphere. Gushee had some great comments. I don’t know if he reads any Baptist Blogs but he has commented on my blog before when I wrote about his new book – which is pretty decent and unique I might add.

    The blogosphere has changed much lately in recent months. Now with the departure of Wade Burleson, I wonder how the SBC Blogs in particular will change. So many of the fundamentalist bloggers devote 75% of their posts to all things Enid and Burleson.

    I’d like to see more moderates embrace blogging. It hasn’t happened yet though.

    As a side note, have you seen the news out of Waco? It’s all about to blow up, I fear. Trouble on the Brazos….

  2. Lee says:

    Wade Burleson’s blog was pretty effective in terms of exposing things going on inside the IMB trustee board which Southern Baptists should have been hearing from their own press, but didn’t. Now that he’s off the board, working on a book, and continuing to pastor his church, I suspect the blogging of his associate pastor will take a step up. Ben’s really good at it.

    Most “moderates” don’t seem to be the blogging type. With a few notable exceptions, they tend to be older, and just a bit past the age where they do their reading off a computer screen.

    News out of Waco? No, haven’t seen anything but I will certainly look. The most shocking news that I can think of that would ever come out of Waco would be that the Baylor football team had a winning season.

    O.K. After a brief visit to the Waco Tribune I see that Dr Lilley is in trouble. Frankly, I thought they jumped too soon in making that choice and that he wouldn’t be a good fit when he was hired. Well, this 2012 initiative will certainly make the school stronger, if it doesn’t kill it.

  3. Ken Coffee says:

    Lee, I read the Standard articles and for the most part I thought they treated bloggers and blogging fairly. Frankly, I decided to get into blogging largely because so much of what I read was negative, hateful and far from a Christian standard. I cannot stand idly by when people I call friends are slandered in a blog. I must say, you and David Lowrie hold the standards high and I appreciate it. I, too, try to hold to a higher standard and make an effort to occasionally deal with things of interest to a wider audience than just Southern Baptists. I have a lot of Bible church readers, as well as some Ev. Free church people, most of whom are former Baptists. Keep up the good work.

  4. David Lowrie says:


    Your blog helped me to see the importance of blogging. I have found it to be a way of expressing thoughts and ideas and getting occasional feedback.

    Like Ken mentioned, I believe the high ground is the way to go. Wrong and issues need to be confronted from time to time but the “speaking the truth in love” standard is a good measuring stick for me.

    Keep up the good work. Your voice is heard, and makes a positive difference.

    David Lowrie

  5. JoAnn says:

    I think you do a great job, too!

  6. wayne says:

    I’ve just found your blog, looking for Christian bloggers for the Jeremiah Films clone.

    I have posted an extract from you post to the site.