No, I have not made an endorsement of a candidate for president of the Southern Baptist Convention.  With five candidates to this point in the race, so to speak, and two or three with slick websites up and running to campaign, it will take a little while to process all the information.

Please know that I do not believe my endorsement carries much, if any weight.  It just seems to be a blogger expectation these days.  We haven’t really had an honest to goodness choice in the SBC, with the exception of Frank Page’s first election, for quite some time.  It’s kind of like how we vote for a first or second VP when two people are nominated that we don’t know from Adam, we just listen to the whispering campaign. 

The motion I made at last year’s convention in San Antonio, which was referred to the executive board, will be brought back to this convention.  It was the motion to form a committee to study the possibility of formulating a position on the spiritual gift of tongues so that we can get beyond trustee boards establishing doctrinal standards that are not covered by the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.  I don’t expect that anything will be done with it that will lead to a resolution.  The SBC is still not ready to deal with sign gifts of the Spirit. 

I’m wondering about the turnout.  Booking a room was easy, well below the advertised convention rate and “within walking distance” of the convention center.  The last time someone told me our hotel was “within walking distance” was in Atlanta in 1991, I believe.  It was one of those 102 degrees in the shade kind of days, and my wife and I walked on Monday evening to the World Congress Center.  It was over two miles away, and though the walk was probably good for us, and we lost about 5 pounds apiece just in water weight, I am sure we didn’t smell very good when we walked up to the booth with our soggy messenger cards to register. 

I am praying that the SBC meeting will go well, that we will not do anything to detract from, or embarrass, the cause of Christ, and that as a convention and as individual churches, we will do our best to advance it without the rancor and fussing that was supposed to have ended once the right people got control.  We have a chance, in Indiana, to be a good example of what Christians are supposed to be in the conduct of their business.  We need to keep that in mind.


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6 responses

  1. KGray says:

    Why endorse anyone? Just wondering.

  2. Lee says:

    My point exactly, KGray. I’ll just go and vote when I get there.

  3. Dave Samples says:

    I keep changing my mind about who to support. It would be fun to actually make it to the vote and still be undecided…

  4. Jack Matthews says:

    It was no question for me after Avery Willis was announced.

  5. Lee says:

    There were some off-topic comments here, including a couple of my responses to them, that have been deleted.

  6. Dylan says:

    So, now that yet another candidate, one who has a blog with a link to yours (yes I noticed), has announced for SBC president, are you going to endorse him? Les Puryear, that is?