I’m not talking about barbequed sausage, either, though kielbasa, and it’s spicier Czech counterpart, are favorites of mine.

Sorry if you came over here expecting to read something new and fresh this week.  I’ve been under the weather since Tuesday.  It seems that sinusitis over the holidays is a tradition with me.  And, I don’t know, perhaps the holiday “mood” isn’t productive as far as writing goes.  So I am going to post a couple of links.

Rick Davis at Ain’t So Bad is posting some memoirs of his tenure at the BGCT as evangelism director.  They are certainly worth reading. 


David Lowrie has posted some of his observations about the anger and frustration of some Baptists related to things BGCT.  I really appreciate David’s calm, even tempered approach to things.


Christa Brown, a victim of clergy abuse, has a couple of posts worth reading, including one regarding the BGCT.


And finally, also worth a read, a recent post by Dr. Dwight McKissic.


You can comment back here.  I may get around to a couple of posts related to these issues later this weekend.


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