From the BGCT blog, We Are Texas Baptists:

This opens the door for more discussion, as well as a reminder that there is a way to help.  I believe Spiritual Samurai is still collecting donations on behalf of the laid-off employees. 

What’s going on over there in Dallas?  I sincerely do not understand why it seems that the 32 employees let go by the BGCT deserve to be treated as they have been.  I understand that the rest of the staff received Christmas bonuses because there has been “good stewardship” and because of the contributions of Texas Baptist churches.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no Scrooge, but in the churches and Christian schools where I’ve worked before, paying salaries and avoiding layoffs came before Christmas bonuses. 

We are the BGCT, and as one Texas Baptist, I am ashamed of the way we have treated those who worked for us in good faith.  The convention’s actions in this regard certainly do not represent my feelings.


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  1. spiritualsamurai says:

    Dear Lee,

    The money that has been turned in has been forwarded. Thus far it has not been much (less than $500). Thank you for reminding people.