I generally don’t post sports comments on this blog.  Actually,  I could start a whole separate blog for that, but then I wouldn’t have time to earn a living.  However, there are a couple of things going on in college football that are exciting enough to warrant a bit of opinionated cyberspace.

First, I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect that two of college football’s perennial “have nots” are sitting at #1 and 2 atop the BCS this week, and control their own destiny.  West Virginia is my Dad’s alma mater, and I am sure that the news has reached him in heaven.  When I lived in Missouri, a couple of young men from my church went to Columbia to play, and I am happy for my friends who are Mizzou alums.  It’s not a done deal yet, with WVU facing Pitt in the “Backyard Brawl” and Mizzou facing OU in the Big-12 Title game in San Antonio this Saturday.  I don’t think the Mountaineers will have much trouble with Pitt, and I think Mizzou and OU, on neutral turf, with the Tigers looking to avenge their only loss of the season, put it at better than even odds that West Virginia and Missouri will be the national title matchup. 

The apparent Heisman favorite is Florida’s Tim Tebow.  I hear a lot of quoting his “stats.”  It’s probably already a done deal, since the Eastern Press has been pushing for it since before the season began.  Personally, he’s not even in my top five.  His stats have been padded by a soft schedule that includes wins over Western Kentucky, Troy State and Florida something-or-other, along with a very weak FSU team that finished 7th in a weak ACC.  And, they lost three conference games.  In spite of opinions to the contrary, the SEC wasn’t all that powerful a conference this year, with teams losing games to Pac-10 and ACC schools, along with UL-Monroe.  Tebow is a sophomore, and he can wait. 

Chase Daniel should win the Heisman, especially if he can lead Mizzou to a win over OU on Saturday.  The team he leads down the field has shown steady improvement during the time he has played with them.  Mizzou has played a tough schedule against a strong conference, and lost only once, a hard fought, ten point difference in Norman, Oklahoma, a tough place for anyone to win.  They’ll have a good chance to avenge that loss this week.  His stats are good, too, and their non-conference schedule was a lot tougher than Florida’s.  If the Tigers beat OU, Daniel is the hands-down best choice for the Heisman. 

If that should not occur, then it should belong to Kansas’ Todd Reesing.  

My wife’s birthday is Friday.  I wonder if she would think a night in a San Antonio hotel, and a couple of tickets to the football game on Saturday would be a real “birthday present.”  She grew up in Missouri. 

Probably not.  


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  1. JoAnn (Mrs. Lee) says:

    How about dinner and a full expense paid trip to the mall for my b-day? That’s something I would be happy to cheer about!

  2. Lee says:

    So, suppose I drop you off at the Rivercenter in San Antonio on Saturday, and then go on over to the Alamodome?