Our family has a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Last year, we signed up to take turns on two different evenings at a continuous, public Bible reading which takes place every year on the courthouse square in downtown Houston.  This Bible reading is sponsored by a couple from our church who have been doing it for several years.  It is timed to begin on the Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving, and end at around 7:00 a.m. Thanksgiving morning.  The reading is around the clock.  It is scheduled so that there is a reading of one of the gospels each day.  The Old Testament books of history are saved for the wee hours. 

It takes place on the public square on the north side of the historic Harris County courthouse, in front of the family law center, in the middle of the county complex.  There is a lot of foot traffic through the area all day and night, with night court held in the building just to the west, and with the shift changes of thousands of custodial workers in the office buildings of downtown Houston. 

It is a great way to give thanks back to God for giving us his Word.  This is our second year to do it, and we will continue to participate as long as it takes place.


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