Nicol Sponberg- Resurrection

Our worship leader introduced this song to our congregation this morning as part of our praise service, and then used it as an invitation.  It’s pretty powerful, and it really served to bring the words of the message to life.  The congregation watched the movie “Facing the Giants” a couple of weeks ago on Wednesday night, and then discussed spiritual applications of it the following week.  This morning, the message focused on the Israelites and their original failure to conquer the land God had already promised them because they were fearful after sending spies in to scout things out.  They determined on their own that they could not defeat the people in Canaan, and allowed their fears to rob them of God’s promise to them. 

How is it that we know these words, but we can still allow ourselves to get in a situation where we think we are facing giants that we cannot defeat?  As I heard those words this morning, “What I’ve lost to the world, what seems far beyond redemption…..” I could easily relate. 

The last couple of months haven’t been easy ones.  There’ve been a lot of things on my plate lately, I’m still not used to the routine or the ins and outs of relationships in the church where I’ve been on staff for little over a year, and, as hard as I try not to allow the pressure to show visible results of ministry govern what I do, someone will make an offhand comment and I can feel my insides turn flips.  On top of that, there’s just the every day struggle to keep walking with God and avoid losing that battle to the world as well. 

It’s too much for me. 

Fortunately, it’s not too much for God. 

So today, Lord, I need a resurrection…


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  1. Diana Bradley says:

    I thank God for this message. Everytime I hear it I am speechless. It allows me to retreat and thank God for his compassion and generosity of his son our most precious Jesus Christ. I can not imagine the earth shattering pain and torment God and The Blessed Mother of Christ felt as Jesus crept up that hill carrying the cross with the weight of all my sin. I thank and praise God daily for his love.